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For the past 6 months I've been chasing an issue where originally, while driving at a steady rpm (2800-4000) the car would randomly "jerk", revs would drop 2-300rpms and then go back to where it was before, it was enough for it to startle you if you werent expecting it. Now it's doing it even during acceleration, and you can hear it happen in the exhaust tone as well.

I've tried several things, first was intake components, the original Aftermarket intake that came with it was, sketchy to say nicely, so I rebuilt that, and did the AAV delete. It still occured so I tried adjusting throttle cables, also bought new ignition coils and NGK spark plugs, from there I was told to check for coolant leaks since it flows through the throttle bottle area and air can cause similar issues. The radiator was very old and had some small cracks so I went ahead and bought a Mishimoto Radiator, Thermostat and Ktuned upper/lower hoses.

Its still happening, no CEL and its growing more frequent. Heres a list of known previous mods, and repairs/mods I've done since I got the car 11 months ago.

2002 RSX Type-S
Bought with 215k currently at 245k miles. I think it's a stock tuned ECU, and she is definitely running lean, and is burning oil.
1320 Performance Headers
3" HKS HiPower bolt on exhaust
New clutch kit, throwout bearing, slave cylinder. Motor mounts, trans mount. Intake manifold gasket, valve cover gasket/grommets, rear main oil seal, ignition coils/NGK plugs, new CV Axles, ball joints, starter, and alternator. AAV delete, aftermarket intake.
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