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random pics after bc n+ install

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it rained and i was bored being i just put my coilovers in.

first heres the coils

before with tein s tecs


random boring engine bay

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looking good.
Cleaned The Car
nice dropp
sick drop...
Looks Good Mane! How much more can you lower the front? or is already maxed out?
damn looks sick...i cant wait to get rid of my oem struts and lowering springs and throw on some full coilovers. Hows the ride?
you and me are in the same boat! +rep
loved the drop...good work bro!!:thumbsup:
the front is maxed out and i cant go any lower any way cuz my tie rods are already pushed to the max cuz of how low it is.
nice drop. :thumbsup: i'm loving bom more and more now.
Nice drop. I also love that bent front license plate! :D
Nice drop. I also love that bent front license plate! :D
yea man screw the re locater...... bending FTW
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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