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Rattle noise

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Ok so i think i have pinpointed it....

The cover over the fuel injectors... i am not sure if thats the exact name for it ... but right when you open your hood the dam plate that says vtec on it... ok so everytime i rev the engine and it starts dropping in rpm it will make a rattle noise like something is rubbing on it... anybody have this problem or heard of it?
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I have the same thing.
I scoped it out and it seems that the engine cover is just hitting the manifold.
I guess the idle drops too much.
Mine did it too after the first time I took the manifold cover off. Make sure your bolts are tight.
yeah i thought it was going to be that.... so basically just freaking tighten it up
personally, i just took mine off. it got annoying.
yeah but isnt that needed tho? so shit doesnt get dirty
yeah but isnt that needed tho? so shit doesnt get dirty
No. It is purely cosmetic.
Remove it. It lends a tacky feel to very pretty motor compartment. None of these plastic cosmetic parts belong on a K20.
I put a couple spacers under mine.

While it is pretty much just a cosmetic piece, it also muffles the sound of the injectors a good bit.
mine did that too but after shifting it around a lil bit i got it to quit rattling and tightened the bolts down.
u mean the intake manifold cover
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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