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some of you either are not reading these, or are paying them no mind. any links or vids that break of the following rules will be deleted with no notice to the thread starter.

1. no porn
2. no gore
3. no torture stuff, animal or human
4. any question, don't post it in here

this forum is for posting vids and links of interest to clubrsx. not for questions about how to make videos, what software to use, or what website to get videos from. if you don't post a link to a valid, non-rulebreaking video, the post will be deleted.

the only exceptions to the "requests" rule would be requests posted in the **official requests thread**.

if you wanna post the any of 1-4, take it to the bar.

edit 1/1/2006:
as of today, this forum is for automotive vids only. anything else should go in the appropriate off topic section (ie: the lounge, movies, tv, music, etc). starting now, i'll lock non-car vid threads. please search the lounge before reposting it in there.

please sticky for Skippy.
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