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2002 Acura RSX Type S - Should have gotten Old Civic/Teg/RX7/240sx

Full Factory OEM Body kit - Should have wait for aftermarket kit
Titanium Shift Knob & Interior Trim – waste of $$

18" O.Z Superleggra - should have wait for used VOLK Rims
Yokohama Parada Spec-2 - should have bought ADVAN TIRES
BREMBO Brake System - should have gotten Spoon/Mugen Brake System
JDM Type R Blacked out HEADLIGHT - Should have done DIY
JDM Type R Rear Spoiler - should have gotten J's Racing GT wing
JDM Type R Red Valve Cover and Spark Plug Cover - Bad Decision-should have spend $$ on Toda Racing Gasket or Hondata Gasket
JDM Type R Pedal Assembly with Rest Pedal - Should have gotten Mugen
JDM Type R Red H Emblems/Integra - WTF was I thinking?
INJEN Intake System - should have gotten AEM CAI
COMP-TECH Cat-Back Exhaust System - should have gotten PowerGetter
GROUND CONTROL Coil Over w/ Eibach Springs - should have save $$ for TEINS
NEUSPEED Short Shifter Kit - of course REVO Short Shifter
INGALLS Camber Kit - regrets here
SPOON SPORTS Oil CAPS regrets..but waste of $$
PIAA Super Plasma H1 Bulbs - waste of my $$
PIAA Fog Light... should have spend this money of JDM Brake Ducts
SPIRALMAX Air Intake Helper - WTF was I thinking
15% Tint Job - no regrets

SONY Xplod 1000-Watts Amp for Woofers - waste of $$
SONY Xplod 600-Watts Amp for Regular Speakers - waste of $$
SONY Xplod 3 900-Watts Woofers - waste of $$
MTX Crossover - waste of $$
BOZZ CAP - waste of $$

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Why don't you like the Brembo brake system? How is spoon better with the same setup. Or do you only have the front cailpers?


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wow.... I've never seen anyone so disappointed with what they bought. They only thing you are happy with is your 15% tint.
Apparently to you, the whole car was a serious waste of money.

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This is why I research a lot before I get anything for my car.

I havn't done a single thing to it thus far that I regret.

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My regrets list:

IPF foglights - not used anymore.

Having to change my first stereo install to my second to accomodate better components. - $$$

INGS+1 front end - I was original for about a week, now everyone and their brother has this.

IPT Titanium dash-kit - BRAND NEW in BOX, FOR SALE! $250 Canadian, $175 US + shipping (no shipping in Toronto/London Area). Didn't use it 'cause I'm changing up a few things in the front and won't be able to use some of the pieces so I decided not to use any of it.

Best Mods:
Xenondepot HIDS
All my new stereo components (pioneer, ARC audio, Rainbow)
My custom stereo stuff.
My rims, body-kit, skirts, tints, exhaust - get amaizing comments whereever I go

Deeeiiiiiaaaaaaaannnnnnnmmmmmmmmm. Why you gotta regret so much. I wish you woulda bought the used civic, I wish you wouldn't bought all those japanese expenses that you OBVIOUSLY couldn't afford. Look man, I know you wanna be all pimped out or whatever, but you ain't shit now. Check this out, gimme your brembo brakes for a buck and you can use 4 quarters to call people who cares. Post this sad "regrets" again and i'll bust you, dumb-ass-Jackoff...What...
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