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Review: Duraflex J-Spec Side Skirts

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Just bought and installed some Duraflex J-Spec Side Skirts and figured I post in case others were thinking about them.

These are for a 2002 RSX Type-S and I have about a 1.5" suspension drop and an A-Spec lip.

Here they are installed.

For comparison, here is the closest before picture of my car I could find with stock type-s skirts. Had a Seibon carbon fiber lip at this time.

I purchased the skirts off Amazon for about $175

Unfortunately I lack the ability to paint and install these myself so I had them done a LeMettry Collision. They originally quoted me for paint and install at $350. There were some problems however.

The craftsmanship is not top notch on these so there was an additional $100 to sand them down and get rid of imperfections.

After paint, they went to install them and realized it isn't a perfect fit. They needed to cut a strip off the top that laid over the door panel. I do not know why they would make these with it included.

That is just soap residue in the picture. Originally the top of the skirts extended and curved on top of the door panel. You can not close the door like this...Only way around cutting would be to remove the RSX panel which would look terrible.

Also, the ends were sticking out off the car quite a bit. They had to do some additional shaving in spots to try and get it to tuck into the car more.

So final thoughts:
All said and done cost me about $750 which is way more than I intended. However I do like them. Even after all the extra work they still aren't perfect but most wouldn't know until really looking at them close up. I really wish I had asked them to do a fitment before they painted them since that limited the amount of adjusting they could do. The imperfections are also not the same on each piece which goes to show you its the luck of the draw on what you get and how well they will fit.
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good write up, but shuda went with vis :mam:
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