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2003 Acura Rsx Type-S
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You dweebs can skip the novel.

Today's the day. I'm fed up with Facebook, the people, the politics, the marketplace... all of it. That being said I'm coming back to the forums. Car has gone through a plethora of changes over the years. But this is the car's current state. In my old age of 25 I've come to find out I'm sick of most aftermarket parts and went 95% OEM this time around!

Little background on myself. I've been around the chassis since 2005. I lurked the forums as soon as I was able to understand how to use a computer. I joined in 09, my father owned the car before me (22k Miles). I've owned the car since late 2010 (127k Miles). Been obsessed with this chassis since being a child and seeing the commercials, brochures, and cars on the showroom floor. I know these things inside and out and have owned a few others in the past 10 years. But this car specifically has been with me through it all (Currently 158k Miles). I have won so many awards with this thing and have done pretty much everything myself all the time. Mod list and Pics below!

2003 Acura RSX Type S Tuned by D-Rob @ Innovative MotorWorks 222hp/161ftlbs

OEM DC5R Front Lip
OEM DC5R Side Skirts
OEM DC5R Rear Lip
OEM Modulo Deck Lid
OEM DC5R Hid Headlights
OEM DC5R Taillights
OEM DC5R Side Markers
OEM DC5 Integra Badge
OEM DC5 TypeR Badge
OEM DC5R Side Decals
OEM DC5R Honda Emblems
OEM DC5R Brake Ducts
OEM DC5R Power Folding Mirrors
OEM Honda Access Window Visors

OEM DC5R MOMO Steering Wheel
OEM DC5 Red Carpet
OEM DC5R Center Console
OEM DC5R Shift Knob
OEM DC5R Parking Brake
OEM DC5R Shift Boot
OEM DC5R Door Panels
OEM DC5R Red Recaro Seats
OEM DC5R Rear Seats
OEM DC5R Road Flare
OEM DC5R Coin Pocket
OEM DC5R Modulo Door Sills
OEM DC5R Modulo Interior Trim
OEM Ep3R Hazzard Switch
Spoon Sports Rear View Mirror
Strut King DC5R Style Pedals

Enkei PF01SS 17x9 +60
Toyo R888 255/40/17
BWR Black Aluminum Lugs
OEM DC5R Wheels 17x7 +60
Uniroyal Tiger Paw 225/50/17
H & R 25mm Spacers

Suspension and Brakes:
Tein Super Street Coilovers
Tein Upper Piller Ball Mounts
K-Sport Rear Camber Kit
Wilwood Dynalite BBK
Wilwood Stainless Steel Brake Hoses
ABS Delete

Shaved Valve Cover
Ported Black RBC
70mm Hybrid Racing Throttle Body
Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail
Hondata Kpro V3
OEM DC5R Dip Stick
Hday Top 100 Oil Cap
Twist Battery Relocator
Tucked Fuse Box
Deleted Cruise Control
Polished A/C Lines
ClubRSX Reservoir Cover
DC Sports Ceramic Race Header
Apexi-N1 Catback Exhaust
Password JDM Carbon Fiber Intake
Rear Innovative Steal 75a Mount
Front Energy Suspension Mount Insert
Stock Side Mounts
P/S Delete Pulley
EP3 Electronic Power Steering

Z3 Trans (4.7 FD And LSD)
Hybrid Racing V3 Dust Red Shifter
EM2 Clutch Master Cylinder
Competition Stage 2 Kevlar Clutch
Competition Stage 2 Ultra Light Weight 8lb Flywheel
Mtec Industries Race Springs
Aluminum Shifter Bushings


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Too clean man 👍🏼👍🏼 Same myself, been off of FB for 7 years and temporarily off of IG for almost a year.

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I'm still on facebook, and I see you posting and I can definitely understand why you're fed up with it lol, I've admired your DC5 from afar, keep it clean !

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Love the detail. Definitely a clean build. I had to delete myself from one of the FB groups because of such immature comments. People just want to argue about meaningless things.

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Looks soooo amazing and clean man. I want to get mine to this level of cleanliness one day but I still have a long way to go. The body for mine came with a few dings and scratches here and there but the rust is a lot less than other dc5s where I live.

My type s is also silver, so this is a good example for me of the kind of look I'm going for.

Really great ride.

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First time I've logged in here in years and I'm happy to see you and Spaz still at it. I'm looking to pick up a project DC5 or EP3. Got any good leads?

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beautiful car man!

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Wow wow wow!! Definitely the look I’m going for! I’m picking up a silver one tomorrow if everything’s goes well!! Can’t wait!! 🕺🏻🕺🏻
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