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Rockford Fosgate T500-1bd + Boston G2 FS in Phx area

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Rockford Fosgate Power T500-1bd amp and a 10 inch Boston G2 subwoofer for sale. Amp is only three weeks old, manufacturer warranty and Audio Express warranty still very much active. Sub is a year or so old, but works perfectly and always has. Sub is also enclosed.

Total value new is around $850...looking for $550. Only selling in the phoenix area.
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u can get that setup new online for ~350-400 shipped. maybe less...
u can get that setup new online for ~350-400 shipped. maybe less...
Really guy? Where? Crutchfield has the lowest prices on the 'net, and they sell the Power T500 for $550:

And the Boston G2 for $180:

This isn't a punch amp. I know you can get a Punch + 2 subs for dirt cheap, but the Power amps are on another level entirely. If you can show me where this setup can be had for cheaper, I'll take it down.

EDIT: You can get the amp cheaper on Ebay...if you want a refurbished piece of junk. Mine is practically brand new and I've never played my stereo over half volume because I'm not one of those fools who wants the entire neighborhood to hear their music.
Rockford Fosgate T500-1bd - $193+25 shipping BRAND NEW

Boston G2 - $89.99 + 9.95 shipping BRAND NEW

Total: $318 shipped to your door BRAND NEW.

I do my research buddy. dont "really guy" me. people on clubrsx watch out for other members which is why i posted earlier that you can get it for less. don't take it personally. as a seller u try and get the most u can. as a buyer u try and pay the least u can. thats how it works, "guy"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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