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ask4isk said:
Has anybody put a roof rack on their RSX? I had one on my first car: a Honda Accord hatckback LXi back in the day. Not sure if I even want a rack on my Type S, but I'm curious if anybody has done it. I think Yakima makes a fit kit for it...anybody know for sure? Thanks.
i don't but, i had one on my 92 teg from thule - the attachments/feet that came in contact w/the car were specially design to fit the teg. best way to find out is contact the manufacturer (thule and/or yak) to see if they have a rack that fits the rsx. post what you find out.

btw, right now i'm using a 12x8foot tarp and laying my bike on that. $12, and mud stays on the tarp. not bad
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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