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Story begins when I take my car to Mavis Tire and brakes to get my lower ball joints replaced. I've taken my car to them before and they've always done good work. Unfortunately they've lost my business after they've butchered my car. I have KPro and a K24 swap. There was no lights on the dash when I dropped off the car. When I first picked it up, the idle was fine but the ABS light was on. I drove it a bit thinking it was going to go off but it didn't. Took the car back in case someone forgot to plug in a sensor.

Unfortunately when I picked the car up the second time, the ABS light was still on and the idle was surging between 1k-2k. The guy told me he just plugged in a scan tool to clear the ABS light. He said none of the sensors were working, so the fault was in the ABS module which they didn't touch so they did not want to take fault.

I looked underneath the front right wheel and lo and behold, the wheel speed sensor was damaged and repaired with some blue crimp connector. Also one of cables that goes up the ABS module was snapped as well. Re-soldering this cable resolved the ABS issue.


The Idle is very rough, not like the IACV is dirty, but like it's misfiring and smells very rich.

Things I've tried and checked
  • IACV was cleaned, same issue
  • IACV was replaced, same issue
  • You can feel the IACV pulling air when idling
  • NO CEL
  • Reloaded the tune for my K24 swap in case that was cleared, same issue
  • Idle Duty cycle is at the middle, messing with this doesn't really make anything better.
  • Idle control is not disabled
  • Idle is set to 900 by tuner
  • When driving and giving gas, A/F ratio is 13-14. When you let off the gas, it goes up to 20s.
  • Kpro app says the A/F ratio hits 20-23 when it's idling rough
  • Kpro app shows closed/open loop repeatedly when idling rough
This vaccum port on the intake manifold was previously capped. If I capp it the car immediately dies. I took it to one performance shop to take a look at it and they've only adjusted the idle so it's a little bit higher. They've also recapped the port on the RBC.

They didn't see any mechanical issues so now they point to the tune mainly because it's running rich. I'm still waiting to hear from the tuner. He's responded to my emails but he's been busy and can't take a look at my car at the moment. Any recommendations to check in Kpro or otherwise would be appreciated.

Video of the rough idle.
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