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Items for sale:
EMAIL ME: [email protected] for fastest response
If you don't like a price lets bargain!

Em2/RSX(02-04) NEW Aftermarket Lower Ball Joints: SOLD to XxeLmOxX

NEW Em2 OEM HONDA ROTORS $100 shipped

RSX-S Stock Throttle Body: $80 shipped

Em2 Stock Shift Knob: $10 shipped

Em2 D17a2 Injectors/Fuel Rail: $40 shipped OBO

Em2 Stock Exhaust Manifold: $50 shipped

Em2 Power Steering High Pressure Line :$100 shipped OBO

Em2/RSX Throttle Cable:$20 shipped

Em2 Cruise Control Setup: $40 shipped

Em2 Radiator Setup: $250 shipped OBO (cut connectors)

1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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