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Good afternoon everyone, I hope your summers are going well!! Ive dived right into rsx land this past month when I bought a 2006 type s with a blown motor. I immediately thought itd be perfect for a k24 swap. So I found a jdm k24a3 on Facebook for 850$.

Now I have the k20z1 pulled from the Rsx and I’m preparing the k24a3 to go back in. I noticed the fuel rail has a (what I believe to be) vacuum module with an extra plug on the harness attached to it. I plan on using the wiring harness from the z1 and it doesn’t have this plug. I’m already going to swap throttle body’s from the z1 because the a3 is drive by wire. I believe the only way I can make this work is by using the intake manifold and fuel rail from the z1. Can someone thats a lot smarter then me confirm this would work??

Will the intake manifold and fuel rail from a k20z1 fit onto a k24a3?

is their any other knowledge I’m missing??

Thanks everyone!!
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