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I've been having a problem with my Rsx, it starts up and idles @1500 rpm rough idles for 10 seconds then dies. I've tried new spark plugs, new fuel pump, new fuel injectors, new fuel pump relay and lastly i tried this new o2 primary sensor. Still same problem, and when i check with OBDll reader its gives me codes like, Primary o2 sensor heater malfunction, the o2 sensor shows 0 volts. The secondary o2 sensor is showing voltage but the primary isn't. I don't know what wrong and I love my Rsx you can only imagine how much it sucks not being able to drive my car for the past 3 months because of this problem. Any ideas?

Codes I'm throwing are:
P1167 A/F Sensor Heater System Malfunction- Primary (Bank1sensor1)
P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor A Circuit/Range performance Bank1
P0301 Cylinder 1 Misfire, Cylinder 2 misfire, Random Multiple Misfire Detected

I've also replaced the Camshaft position sensor A and it still throws the code >.<
Can anyone help please?

2002 RSX Type-S

Recent things i did to the car before it started acting up were change the Vtec solenoid gasket and fresh oil change. I also cleaned out the throttle body but I cannot get access to the IACV because the screws extremely tight.
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