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RSX Shudders at 2k rpm, and seeks between 1-2k rpm when rolling in neutral

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Hello everyone,

I have a 02 rsx type s with a CAI, catback, clutch, flywheel, and mounts. I have replaced the timing chain assembly, as well as the idle air control valve twice and the issue still persists.

My rsx has a high idle (1100ish), it’s usually at 700. When in neutral but moving, the car will float between 1-2k rhythmically. Additionally, the car will start to shake and shudder around 2k rpm. Also it seems as you can’t get on the gas smoothly as it jolts when you get on and jolts when you let off. It also bucks you back and forth when you’re going slow in 1st ( not the usual amount ). It’s throwing a code for IACV.

I have vacuum tested it multiple times and removed any small leaks I had. Like I said I’ve changed out my IACV multiple times. Map and TPS are fully functional so Im pretty much stumped and could use some help.

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How many miles are on the car? What is the code?
How many miles are on the car? What is the code?
185k ish, P0505 (IACV)
Did you clean the IACV port tho? Might be backed up with dirt and carbon...
Also clean your throttle body.
Did you fix the problem? I’m having the same issue
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