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Hey what’s up everyone I’m looking into get a short throttle cable for my rsx since I’m cleaning up my engine bay, I know Ktuned sells an option Plus a bracket but I’ve seen it installed in couple cars and it looks like the cable “hangs” on the engine bay or
Just wiggles a little which I don’t like, Hybrid Racing sells a short cable and a cruise control delete wheel for the throttle body which I really like, they say it fits rsx throttle body and but the throttle cable supposedly just fits civic and integra, PLM sells a similar kit like ktuned in which says it fits the same cars as Hybrid racing’s tb short cable and cruise control delete, and also the rsx, now my question is you guys think I can use the hybrid racing one and it will actually be long enough? I know I could just get Ktuned or PLM but I really like the Hybrid racing cruise control delete, I will add some pictures so you guys can kinda have an idea of what I’m talking about...
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