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Whatchu Got? RSX-S v TSX

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lol...stupid fucking argument cause the cars are quite different........lemme see, whats better: a honda s2000 or a lexus is300?

lol.....completely different..

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IMO the TL offers more looks and luxury. I don't like the TSX at all because: the seats kill my back within minutes, I have no idea how; the throttle doesn't have the feel I like (due to drive-by-wire); the brakes aren't great (just like the RSX but with 500lbs more) and the steering is too big. And Acura Canada needs to clue the hell up and not make it so unfairly priced. Despite achieving parity with the US dollar it costs more than it did in 2003. Screw Acura.
all models have slowly increased over the previous years (inflation i suppose)
also for each year (besides 04 to 05) the TSX came with increasing content as subtle or as little it may seem
exterior wise 04/05 is the best, interior and engine 06-08 is the best
honda's pricing is no better and no longer the value/bargin they once were
in canada anyways
in canada ABP was only available on the 05, sametime the navi option was introduced
in terms of rarity (in canada) 05 ABP TSX 6spd w/ navi
41 - 43 of 43 Posts