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The item is currently in Arkansas as it sits today, tomorrow it could be in Oklahoma. I frequent OK, AR and north Texas a lot so items can be picked up in those states as well.

What I have for sale is a used Yakima bike rack that came off my accord but It fits more than 1 application and I had it on my 2008 sedan. Here is what is included, I am more than willing to ship at buyers expense.

4 q83 clips
4 q towers
2 58” bars 1 fairing
2 high roller bike trays, this allows you to strap your bike on without taking the front wheel off locks for the q towers and bike trays

There is some fade on the towers from being in the sun. I am asking $250 for the bike rack, and $150 each for the bike trays. If you buy them together I’ll do $500. The pads are roughly a month old, and I do have some spares that I can include. Please ask if you have any questions Forgot to include pictures

These are thadditional application it fits:

This is about a $1200 set up when new

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