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I would like to take a moment and welcome everyone to the clubrsx forum. I encourage everyone to take a bit of time and introduce themselves, new and old members if you haven't done so since joining. Please tell us a little about yourself and how you came about this site, what you are driving currently (pictures would be nice, but not needed), what are your goals for your car(s), and how we can help you make it happen. If you have any simple questions, feel free to ask them in your thread, but remember this is not the place for discussions and modding advices. I will direct you to another section where you can find the answer with more details and ideas.

An example of how your thread should start looks something like this -

(Username) or Name from (your state) or (2slowforyou) or James from New York

then whatever content you want to include in the thread itself

I would also like everyone to feel comfortable talking about themselves and their rides on here. That means there will be zero tolerance for anyone who wishes to troll/attack/insult/belittle/etc someone who is of a different race, gender, age, belief, occupation, or otherwise in here. We are to welcome new joins and have them become long time members, do not be mean and chase them away. If anything needs to be looked at due to inappropriate posts or unnecessary whoring, please use the report button to notify the moderators. The rules of the forum applies here as it does anywhere else, please follow them.

Here are the rules in simple terms so there should be no confusion and misunderstanding

Rules for Members Introduction

1) Thread should have a small description about yourself and if you like a picture or two of your car(s). Tell us how we can help you enjoy your membership on here....

2) Please keep modding discussions and ideas to a minimum, we have other sections for that so use those to get into further details about what you want to do.

3) Be respectful and not rude to all who post in here or be dealt with, this is your only warning. If you have something negative to say, think twice before posting it.

4) Use the report button if something needs to be looked at and taken care of, please don't retaliate or add unnecessary posts to the thread. I rather see one member penalize than a group for something they could've avoided.

5) refer to forum rules posted in here and follow them. Read if you haven't since joining

The management team members are admins (black names) and moderators (blue names). If you are having trouble with anything or confuse about forum navigation, please contact any of us and we would be more than happy to help you out :thumbsup:

Thank you for reading, I hope you find this forum to be beneficial and enjoyable as long as you remain a member on here.
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