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You can sell your cars in this section or pick up a new project to work on, we ask that you follow the market place rules in addition to a few extra that applies in here as well

For Seller

1) Please include all information in your for sale thread (Price, Vehicle Identification Number, Photos, Mileages, Records of maintenance if possible, and any other important details for those interested) No Linking To Craiglist or Ebay Accounts, You Must Have It In Your For Sale Thread

2) This is not a section to sell your used items or part out our car, we have other places for that on this forum. Only selling or trading of vehicles in here

3) Report any problems you run into or would like to have look at by one of the staff members, we will be happy to help you as soon as we can.

4) Update your thread once your vehicle has been sold to prevent a thread being bump or members asking questions. You can close your for sale thread as well.

For Buyer

1) Please no whoring or trolling. If you are not interested in dealing with the seller, do not post in the thread. A friendly bump is fine, but if we see anyone attacking the thread starter because they don't agree with the price or posting a link to their own for sale (thread jacking), infractions will be given out...

2) No Want to Buy Threads, this section is for members to sell their vehicles. You can request info, you can sell your cars, you can vouch for a friend, but you can not create a WTB thread.

3) The rules of the forum still apply here like they do everywhere else, if you don't understand please read clubrsx rules

4) If you see something out of place or needs to be address, please let us know by using the report button.

Thank you for your understanding :thumbsup:
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