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Hello to all members, you are currently viewing the club rsx market place sub forum. This is here to give members an opportunity to sell/buy parts that were used or no longer needed by the original owner. As you can see, there are many sections in here where almost anything can be purchase/sold (for a price) from a simple cold air intake to a complete turbo system. Because we are offering this to you as a free service, we ask that you follow the rules below:

For Seller

1) Please no resale of new product(s) or solicitation by salvage yards, by unauthorized dealers, manufacturers, or parts-flippers is strictly forbidden and may result in being banned from this site, group buys are also not allowed. Authorized vendors may post in the classifieds and can be identifed by their username in dark orange. If you are interested in becoming an authorized vendor, please contact [email protected]

2) You must have picture(s) of the item(s) being sold, also something with your username and date of when the thread was created has to be included somewhere next to your parts. This is to prove you have the item(s) on hand and ready for pickup/ship. No linking to craiglist/ebay/facebook/etc, the info needs to be in your for sale thread

3) State in the thread your location and a price, also whether you like to deal with local and/or ship (if local only, please use your regional section). Unless you only want to trade, a price must be listed. If trade only, use the want to buy/trade here or again your regional for better results. Again no linking to craiglist/ebay/facebook/etc, the info needs to be in your for sale thread

4) Use the correct section for your for sale thread(s), we have one for everything and you should know which goes where. Example no selling an intake in the interior section or a head unit in the wheel section, those threads will be move. Keep all want to buy/want to trade threads in here

5) No More than two for sale threads a section. I understand that some of you may have a lot of parts to sell, but please be considerate to others and not cover an entire section with your stuff. If two isn't enough, you have to group them all into a "part out" or a mod will do so for you...

6) Do not bump a thread more than once a day and edit your thread with the word "SOLD!!!" once your item(s) is/are gone, this will prevent people asking further questions or someone bumping an old thread wondering if still available. You now also have the option to close your own for sale thread.

For Buyer

1) Please no whoring or trolling. If you are not interested in dealing with the seller, do not post in the thread. A friendly bump is fine, but if we see anyone attacking the thread starter because they don't agree with the price or posting a link to their own for sale (thread jacking), infractions will be given out...

2) The rules of the forum still apply here like they do everywhere else, if you don't understand please read clubrsx rules

3) Club RSX neither accepts nor implies any responsibility for any transaction handled here. It is your responsibility to be a smart shopper, you can refer to a members iTrader to help you feel more comfortable doing business with them. Above all, use your own judgment "if it's too good to be true, it probably is"

For Everyone else

I will keep this thread open to offer help, if you aren't sure how to link pics from your accounts (photobucket, twitter, craiglist, ebay, facebook, etc), please post in here and a mod can see to it. Also if you want anything else relating to your thread(s) looked at, let us know and we can make the needed changes for you. You are welcome to report all other problems.

thank you for reading
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