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Rumbling sound on right turn*Now With Vids* UPDATED

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Alright so here is my situation. I have a rumbling sound that occurs on a right turn only, and only when I give throttle. I am able to take a turn quickly when not on the throttle and the sound does not occur. I thought perhaps it was a wheel bearing, but my mechanic said it wasn't that. I had both of my CV shafts changed as well as a new spindle assembly (on passenger side only) (bearing, ball joint, etc). I can make a left turn and get on the throttle and there is no issues, only on a right turn while on the throttle.

The sound is more of a rumble noise. A wheel bearing is a squealing sound.

I can't seem to figure it out and it is really bothering me. Is there any suggestions on this?


I am going to try and add a little more detail in hopes that someone can help me out here.

I originally took my car to my mechanic for this rumbling sound. I thought it was a wheel bearing. I got a call from him and he said my wheel bearing is fine and it sounds like something with the transmission. I took it to a transmission mechanic and he said my transmission was fine. He said my passenger side CV shaft was done so he changed that. $500 later and my problem was still there.

It has been bugging me so I did some research on what bad CV shafts symptoms are. Sounded exactly what was wrong with mine. So I took it back to the mechanic and got him to change my driver side CV shaft. Still no luck and back to where we started as well as I have an added sound now. Perfect, just what I need.

So my problem in as much detail as I can. This rumbling sound (as well as sometimes like a clicking type sound) which only happens on a right turn and when I am giving gas. It doesn't matter what gear I am in or what speed, it will still make the noise. When I am at a slow roll (15-25 km/h) when I put it in first I feel/hear a clunk type noise. The sound is only apparent while going through the turn and as soon as I straighten out the wheel the sound goes away. I can also feel the roughness in the steering wheel.

Since my driver side CV shaft has been changed I now get a new sound. It happens after 6000 rpm and sounds like a bom bom bom type sound. You can hear the sound I am referring to in the video near the end. If I downshift so my rpms are above 6k rpm I can hear it as well as if I take it up to redline I can hear the same sound, but not until after the 6k mark.

I really just want this fixed. Could it be my differential? If it were my differential I would be able to hear it all the time correct? I am stumped and looking for some advice. Incase anyone was wondering, amsoil transmission fluid is in there.

Vid 1- I am just manually moving the shaft back and this how it should sound or does it sound like bad news?

Vid 2- It is hard to hear the sound I am talking about in the video, but is very loud in person. Near the end of the video you are able to hear the bom bom bom sound I am talking about.

For the fellow canadians, if anyone thinks they could help me out I am located in Mississauga if someone is willing to help me!
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Anyone? It's pretty frustrating
do you feel anything in the steering wheel/chassis when you hear the noise?

where does the noise seem to be coming from?
I feel it in the wheel slightly when im on the throttle and its making the rumbling noise. I don't feel anything in the shifter though.

Well thats the hard part to figure out. Seems like it is coming from the drive line :dontknow:
does the rumbling seem to change based on speed, or engine speed?

like does the rumbling sound the same at, say, 20mph whether you're in 2nd or 3rd? or does it change depending on what gear you're in (higher pitch or faster in 3rd)?

i'm just trying to ask questions that should help everyone figure it out :)

i'm not 100% sure if i'll be able to diagnose it, but i figured the more information we can get the more likely we are to give ideas :)
No they are legit questions, I understand it is hard to diagnose something over the internet and every problem either sounds like a rumble or squeak on here lol

Well the harder I press the throttle on a turn the louder it gets until I get out of the turn then it disappears. If I take the turn like a granny I don't hear it, but give a little throttle and you hear it. Gear doesn't matter, but the same sound occurs.

I asked the transmission guy if it was my differential and he said it wasn't. All my gears shift fine so I am pretty stumped. It seems like the only time I hear it is when there is force on the driver side of the car. I have had it up in the air with it in third gear and turned all the way to the right, but like I said until there is pressure on it I can't hear anything.
Well my motor mounts are stock, but would that cause this issue to only be on a right turn? How can I check to see if they are still good? I had it up on stands a few minutes ago and had it fully cranked right and was giving throttle, couldn't hear it at all. Im stumped

Lug nuts are tight, but sometimes simple things can screw you up.

Well I suppose I could try motor mounts, helps with wheel hop and everything else as well.

I hate car problems!
would a sound like this actually be caused by a bad motor mount? I would just hate to spend the time/money on it and then my problem still be there. I guess I am just getting frustrated since my passenger side cv joint and knuckle assembly was changed and then a nice $400 bill and my problem is still here.

I don't know if there is anything else to explain to you guys to help diagnose my problem. If it were a wheel bearing would I not hear the sound just driving as well? My mechanic says the wheel bearing is fine, but I am just trying to narrow it down myself. I just cant figure out why the rumbling sound is only heard on a right turn and while giving throttle.

ugh I hate car problems.
anyone? Can someone help me out....maybe I can meet up with someone in Toronto to have a look?
My moms Element makes a rubbing grumble loud ass noise on turns as well. We cant figure it out.
Thats almost what it sounds like is a rubbing sound. If it were though I would be able to hear it even when my clutch is pushed in, but I don't.

I have been underneath the car and had my wheel cranked all the way to the right and left it in third gear, yet I can't hear it. It seems like there has to be a load on it somewhere.

I am very confused and frustrated. Especially since I have taken it to a few mechanics and they don't know what it is either. Its like its a mystery noise.

Thanks for your help!
Well after many aggravations an 18 year old solved my problem. Turns out my front mount is done causing it to vibrate on the metal making my fabulous noise!

Thanks for everyone's help
Glad you finally figured it out haha - damn OEM mounts.

Yes were right all this time! I didn't even know there was a front mount, I thought it was just the 3 of them....stupid me
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