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Rumbling sound on right turn*Now With Vids* UPDATED

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Alright so here is my situation. I have a rumbling sound that occurs on a right turn only, and only when I give throttle. I am able to take a turn quickly when not on the throttle and the sound does not occur. I thought perhaps it was a wheel bearing, but my mechanic said it wasn't that. I had both of my CV shafts changed as well as a new spindle assembly (on passenger side only) (bearing, ball joint, etc). I can make a left turn and get on the throttle and there is no issues, only on a right turn while on the throttle.

The sound is more of a rumble noise. A wheel bearing is a squealing sound.

I can't seem to figure it out and it is really bothering me. Is there any suggestions on this?


I am going to try and add a little more detail in hopes that someone can help me out here.

I originally took my car to my mechanic for this rumbling sound. I thought it was a wheel bearing. I got a call from him and he said my wheel bearing is fine and it sounds like something with the transmission. I took it to a transmission mechanic and he said my transmission was fine. He said my passenger side CV shaft was done so he changed that. $500 later and my problem was still there.

It has been bugging me so I did some research on what bad CV shafts symptoms are. Sounded exactly what was wrong with mine. So I took it back to the mechanic and got him to change my driver side CV shaft. Still no luck and back to where we started as well as I have an added sound now. Perfect, just what I need.

So my problem in as much detail as I can. This rumbling sound (as well as sometimes like a clicking type sound) which only happens on a right turn and when I am giving gas. It doesn't matter what gear I am in or what speed, it will still make the noise. When I am at a slow roll (15-25 km/h) when I put it in first I feel/hear a clunk type noise. The sound is only apparent while going through the turn and as soon as I straighten out the wheel the sound goes away. I can also feel the roughness in the steering wheel.

Since my driver side CV shaft has been changed I now get a new sound. It happens after 6000 rpm and sounds like a bom bom bom type sound. You can hear the sound I am referring to in the video near the end. If I downshift so my rpms are above 6k rpm I can hear it as well as if I take it up to redline I can hear the same sound, but not until after the 6k mark.

I really just want this fixed. Could it be my differential? If it were my differential I would be able to hear it all the time correct? I am stumped and looking for some advice. Incase anyone was wondering, amsoil transmission fluid is in there.

Vid 1- I am just manually moving the shaft back and this how it should sound or does it sound like bad news?

Vid 2- It is hard to hear the sound I am talking about in the video, but is very loud in person. Near the end of the video you are able to hear the bom bom bom sound I am talking about.

For the fellow canadians, if anyone thinks they could help me out I am located in Mississauga if someone is willing to help me!
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Glad you finally figured it out haha - damn OEM mounts.

Yes were right all this time! I didn't even know there was a front mount, I thought it was just the 3 of them....stupid me
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