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y u mad tho?
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When u plan on getting one?. I took mine out today on like a 2 hour cruise today. So much fun I didn't wana go home. I raced a bmw and some Integra today . 2 wins for the s2k. Got the thumbs up from the bmw ownwr. Just love my car with my new tune. Did u get to see the vid I posted above?
im at least a year out from buying another toy car. gotta put my house up on the market and get a new one first.

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Near-1-year bump :zing:

Got it nice & high, drained the coolant & oil
DSC_0432 by Alex Maas, on Flickr

Wheels are now removed to swap the fronts around and put on the new rears.
Then it'll be time for its first alignment ever, that I know of anyway.
DSC_0441 by Alex Maas, on Flickr

Annnd it's about that time.
Currently the valve cover is off and that's about as far into my head removal as I have gotten so far.
It's August, I live in Miami, and my garage does not have air conditioning.
So it's kinda like do a little work, go back inside and try not to die.
Hell, last night when I raised it and drained the 2 fluids, it was 3am and still 82° outside. :fuu:
DSC_0429 by Alex Maas, on Flickr

So anyway, got tired of dealing with this coolant issue, and as my compression test kind of hinted at, I have a leak in the head gasket around cylinder 3. So I'll eventually take the head off and fix all that. Taking the opportunity to try and fix other odds & ends while I have it up and making an order list for Honda.

So far:
- Clutch master cylinder
- Clutch slave cylinder
- Windshield washer bottle cap
- Left outer door molding
- Left inner door molding
- Fuel filler cap (hoping it's not the pipe throwing CEL)
- Upper water hose
- Coolant overflow tank cap
- Shift lever insulating foam
- Shift lever spring
- Spark plugs
- Cylinder head gasket kit
- Cylinder block gasket kit ($30, figure why not)
- Billman TCT

Still looking into some other odds & ends before I put the order in and also going to inspect everything in the head just in case I need something.

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Speaking of which, it's been just about a year since I took this

With Hurricane Irma approaching and talks of severe flooding, I didn't know about the flood zone of my house at the time so I moved it to a friends neighboring building and 6 floors up.

Squeezed it in there without touching those two cars + turned a security camera just above where I took this to aim at the car & threw a cover on it. House wound up being okay and even my friends underground garage (2 levels under at that) was perfectly fine (they were told it may flood) so this was basically all for nothing.

Pretty much haven't used the hardtop since Sep 2017 except the 4 hour move out of Miami

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And now a maintenance post.

Then in May '18 or so my window regulator cable snapped
Found a thread on here and S2Ki detailing how to rebuild them using bicycle brake cables but no photos existed and only videos I could find involved swapping in entire replacement units

Car sat for a month before I wound up buying a replacement regulator from a wrecked S a buddy bought. Then another month or so later I finally got around to vice gripping the cables/motor out of that unit to install into mine since my bottom mount is set up for my door. Plus I like keeping my car as original as I can...and still wound up having to realign it anyway because I didn't mark the old spots on everything you have to shift around. Infinitely movable mounting points suck ass, probably spent an hour or two getting it perfect.

Probably not a bad time to install the new interior & exterior weatherstrips I got a year or two ago + regrease the tracks.

And since I went down to Miami a couple days after finishing, figured I'd finally get that 10 or 11 year old tint replaced on the driver window since it started getting a water trail in it and abused from the ripping weatherstrips

So for a year or two, maybe more, who knows, it's had a vibration in the car.
One place told me my rear wheels were bent, another shop said my wheels were fine
The car is lowered about 1.5-2 inches with no axle spacers and a common problem is the CV joints start to pit. A few months ago I swapped once CVJ from my RHD axle back to my original CVJ, changed what speed I get the shake at but obviously still there.

So a couple weeks ago since the car was already up on stands for new tires, I decided to pull the joints, clean them out, swap & mark. No more shake, finally.

Eventually I plan to get a couple replacement axles from Honda just for down the road, let alone a bunch of other parts I want to stock up on.

Also I got around to replacing those wretched worn out A/C knobs. FL sun & humidity is brutal on that thin plastic
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