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Does anyone know a good product that will product to protect the underside of the car during the winter?

A friend at work says he sues this stuff called "Undercoat". It's a tar-like stuff you spay on the bottom of the car. Any one heard about this stuff?

Also, what do you think is worse, going through the drive through car wash at a "Shell" station to rinse salt/sand off the underside of the car or waiting until spring to rinse it? I'm leaning toward going to the Shell station every week, but I'm a little iffy.

Underbody sealers

Out here in california the RSX's that i have worked on have a undercoating applied either at the dock or at the dealership. The problem with the product that they use, is that it is a TAR based product that doesn't dry. It collects dirt on the surface and cannot be cleaned with a brush without ruining it (the brush). Here's what I hace done to correct this problem: I'll jack up the vehicle remove the rims, mask the fender lip and other components that I dont want coated and apply Wurth (OEM BMW & MBZ) plastic based undercoat to the fenderwells. Apply it over the other (because you will never get it off the vehicle) It may take a day or two to completely dry, however it will bond with the other coating and dry to a hard plastic surface that is both cleanable and will not attract road dirt and salts. Look for Wurth undercoating Here:
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