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I have been detailing cars for the past 7 years and I’m damm good at it. I am enlisted in the US Air Force and as some as you may know we do not get paid all that much. I have a garage at my home on the west side (90 and 410) where I have been doing detailing for some coworkers and friends. With the extremely happy results I have been getting I’m deciding to extend my services to If you’re in the San Antonio area and want your car to look brand new again bring it to me.

What does the detail include?


Remove and vacuum/clean floor mats
Vacuum interior (Includes Trunk)
Clean windows, dash, leather seats, door panels, basically everything that can be cleaned
Treat all plastics and leathers with premium conditioner/shine


-Hand wash entire car (includes door jambs/hood jambs/trunk jams)
-Clean/wash wheels and wheel well area
-Clean tires and Dress
-Clean and dress engine bay area
-Polish/wax wheels
-Treat Windshield with Rainex water repellant
- Mothers® Claybar entire car
-apply and remove Mothers® PreWax Cleaner
- apply and remove Mothers® Sealer and Glaze
-Apply/handpolish with Mothers ® Pure Carnauba Wax

Perhaps because of the military or my personality I get extremely anal and meticulous when it comes to detailing a car, there is never a spot missed or something that could have done better.

I take a lot of pride in my work and the work is always superior quality. I use premium wax that leaves your car with a long shine that can withstand the Texas sun.

Make your car look brand new again.

Cost for this service is $150-$200

I only do one car a weekend. The work to your car is never rushed. Some people offer mobile washing and wax jobs, but in order to do it correctly and have the shine last you need to do out of sunlight in a garage. What I normally do is have my clients bring their car by Friday or Saturday evening/night and I can have it ready for them by 10 am the next day.

PM me for Phone Number or to set up a time


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did you finally get a drop? i remember you getting flamed pretty hard for those G35 rims.
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