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Hello everyone,
After about a month of looking and researching extensively on this forum i decided to actually post something and get more insight to my new hobby/project/experiment.

I had recently acquired a FREE RSX from my sister in law who didn't want to bother with fixing anything and just wanted to get rid of it. I was in need of a car and decided to take upon the challenge to actually get the car into proper condition. Maybe ill keep it and maybe ill sell it.

About the Car:

it is a 2003 Base RSX in desert silver metallic that will definitely get you from point A to point B

My purpose with this car is to use it as a commuter but to also learn to fix up cars and problem solve and learn the trade. I also want to do a little modding to it.

Some Proposed Repairs and Mods include:

1. Check engine light on (p1457) so need to look into the emissions canister and valve

2. Would like to change the brakes including rotors to aftermarket slotted

3. Windshield washer fluid doesn't come out in the front (most likely a pump issue)

4. A/C needs recharging

5. Need to reset SRS light on dash (common issue from what i have read here)

6. Will probably change the battery

7. Power steering fluid was leaking (**FIXED**)

8. Will probably change exhaust system including catalytic converter and add catback

9. will replace stock alarm with remote start

10. will replace stock stereo with dvd navigation and backup camera

11. will change headlights and taillights to aftermarket with either HID or LED

12. possible accent lighting in interiors with LEDs

13. Add tints

14. possible spoiler, bodykit, grill (if i think it would be worth it)

I have read alot from the forum and continue to do so. the DIYs are awesome.

Any other insight as to what companies/brands are good for the above mentioned parts or websites to buy from would be great

thank you


Du ma
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Hello and welcome! :bow: Not a bad list. Maintenance first as always. Keep researching and you'll learn a lot. Keep browsing the forums because there's endless info!

Just a note for you, don't go after market headlights. Look into retrofits and it'll be one of the best mods ever. As for tail lights, keep them stock because every other aftermarket is ugly as hell imo :D

Also look into Lip Kits, not body kits unless you're willing to spend a couple grand to do it right :thumbsup:
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