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SEPT 6 - BBQ/OPEN HOUSE - GTM (TurboAP1, AP2, DC5, '09 GTR, E92 M3, EVO X on display)

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I'm so excited, because I have no life. So this is the most social interaction I'll have had in a looong time.

Come on out!!!!

Some cars that'll be there:

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Nice cars, I'll try to make it up there... after the Redbull Flutaug is done at North Ave beach.
Looks like there's going to be a nice turnout of different cars, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

...I was over there tonight playing with the GT-R (omg omg omg omg)
Bump For Food And Cars
Leaving in just a bot- see you suckas there.
That sucks that i missed this.....
Oh yes it was fun. Good to see you again Mike. And as promised the dirty E was there- even had some dude taking pics of it!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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