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Sam's Service Review:

Hired Sam for a $50 HeadLight Restoration Service (+1 Pricing). Met up at Sam's house at 11:30AM. Sam got his tools all lined up and ready to work. The job was done in about 2 hours. He didn't waste any time trying to figure things out, he knew exactly what he needed to do. (+1 Experience)

Before Pictures:

My headlights were not too bad to begin with, just some rock chips and a little fading due to sunlight. It is a 6 year old car so I thought it was time to get some work done to the headlights.

The Process:

Sam sanded the lights with sand paper. Taking out the rock chips and fades. It was smooth by touch. (+1 Skills) :thumbsup:

Sam then polished the headlights with a few different professional products. The lights ended up getting a better shine than factory. (+1 Skills)

Check that out. Shine like a mirror. See my t-shirt logo?


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Sam signed his name with cum. :rotfl:


Nice clear and smooth headlights.

Room For Improvement:

Since Sam is not exactly a professional (just one member helping another member out in exchange for a small fee), I would like to point out areas that he can improve upon. Here are a few items I caught under the sunlight.

During the sanding process, masking tape was not put on to protect the front bumper cover. Areas of the bumper clear coat was damaged. Since the clear coat itself was damaged it was not something that I can fix with wax (I tried). I ended up having to pay my body shop an additional $20 to buff out the damaged areas. This could easily be avoided if masking tapes were put up to protect the bumper before sanding. (-1 Skills)

There are also areas of the headlights that were sanded but not polished, leaving an unglossy finish. (-1 Skills)

Can't really see it in this picture.

Well other than these two minor issues, I believe Sam's work is very well worth the price he charges. For $50, I can affort to do this every other year! :beerchug:

Check out my other review on The Shop @ San Bruno. :bow:

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Outta curiosity's, why did you block out the date stamp?

This would be a better thread with actual products listed that he used.
products used
Novus 1,2, and 3
Poorboys SSR 2.5 and 1

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After all that hard work, Sam likes to satisfy his manly hunger with Panda Express™. LOL! Good times Sam.... in bed. =O
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