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06 MM-S
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So Far here is what I've done. Links to updates below.

  • Hondata Reflash
  • K&N SRI
  • 18x8 225/18/40 Vok F-Zero Challenge wheels
  • TSX shift knob
  • CTR red stitch shift boot
  • Red A sticker on steering wheel
  • Recaro inserts and pocket
  • Armrest wrapped in Recaro fabric
  • Greddy SP2 Exhaust
  • OEM Fog lights
  • JDM Type S front and rear emblem
  • 05-06 tail light conversion
  • H&R springs
  • Mugen Rep lip kit
  • Retro Solutions 5k head lights
  • Wiper delete
  • Slotted rotors

Updated pics on Page 2
  • Greddy SP2 Exhaust
  • Picked up some stockies

Updated pics on Page 3

Added a few things, nothing major, but thought I would also add pics of the truck I bought my son....

  • Fog lights / yellow vinyl
  • Front JDM Type S emblem
  • Armrest (So nice having this !)

Updated pics on Page 4

Here's some more changes I've made this weekend.

  • I didn't want to go to the Red Honda emblems, but I like the red emblem look. I picked up some Red CF vinyl and applied it underneath the emblems.
  • Added Recaro fabric to my armrest.
  • Converted my 05-06 tail lights to the 4 lights lit when lights are on.

Updated Pics on Page 5

  • Finally got my drop
  • Added Mugen Rep front lip
  • Changed to SI rims. Yeah I know, most don't like SI wheels, but I don't care, I like the look with my color.

Updated Pics on Page 6

  • Added Mugen Rep sides and rear lip

Updated Pics on Page 7

  • Changed wheels to Volk F-Zero Challenge wheels

Updated Pics on Page 8

  • Added Weathertech visors

Here's how it sits now.


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clean car and a nice start, like mentioned above... slap back your OEM rims i like 'em better than what you have now.

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Interesting red background on the acura badge steering wheel.

car looks clean

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i usually dont like it when people do inserts in the interior, but damn you pull it off well.
looks good dude.
glad to see you research to find things that YOU want, and not what others like. props man

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Thanks all, really appreciate all the comments. I think I'll be changing the wheels sometime soon though...hahaha. It's all good. I tried, I really wanted to match the paint with some gun metal wheels, from the replies, I guess I failed. :D I'm ok with failing though and if it didn't work out to what I was trying for, not too hard for me to change it up.

I don't have my stockies as the car had TSX wheels on them when I bought my car. I wasn't really liking the TSX wheels and found these for a good deal, and sold the TSX wheels. I think I want my drop first though. After I do that, with the overwhelming repies, I think I'll be looking out for some stockies. I like the look of the stock rims, so I'm cool with that change.

I tried to not overdue the interior but yet give a presence that I changed up some stuff to my taste and look. So thanks for the comments there, appreciate it. :thumbsup:
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