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Sorry, I honestly tried to google up the answer, but no luck.

Got 2002 base rsx. All in all it has no major issues for now except one: when driving in a traffic jam it is often too fast on 2nd gear at idle, and when I switch to 1st I struggle to maintain constant smooth low speed. When the gas pedal is almost off, the car suddenly engine brakes so hard that everybody in the car shake ahead, and when I try to restore gas pedal position the car literally jumps, so I have to play with clutch to compensate this. Sometimes it finally can ride at idle on 1st, but after I accelerate a bit it starts all over again.

I rode a bunch of different cars before, so for me this seems to be abnormal.

Engine mounts were inspected, new clutch and pressure plate, stock flywheel. Stock engine and internals. Installed hondata recently, but the problem was here on stock ecu too.

Is this something to do with IACV? Maybe it just fails to open the hole in time when throttle closes? Like it is cloggy and rotates too slowly..
Idle is fine 750, also I notice that tach shows ~1200 when driving slowly on neutral with gas pedal off until complete stop and then rpm drops to idle 750 - looks like rpms are correctly controlled by IACV..

Please help (or just say it is ok 馃槙)

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I used to have the same issue badly years. Back when I was chasing issues with IACV and vacuum leaks. Ended up being a combination of the two for me. However, I still have that same thing, just more mild.

If youre concerned about the IACV it wouldnt hurt to take it out and clean it with brake cleaner. But yeah, because i have always dealt with it since I owned the car,I assumed it鈥檚 normal-ish :/

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Were the other cars you drove automatic? Remember, manual transmissions are a direct connection to the transmission compared to automatics which are fluid connected. Coasting, accelerating and decelerating in an automatic will always be smoother compared to manual.

I don't think anything is wrong because my RSX Base is like this as well. The engine is fighting to either accelerate at a low gear which is torque, or engine brake when you let go of the gas pedal. The higher you go in the gears, the less violent this transition is.

Driving in a traffic jam in a manual car while keeping a smooth ride is hard work on your left leg and takes practice. It's just the nature of the game. Remember, in a manual, you are the transmission, and it's up to you to make sure each gear transition is smooth. People say "Save the manuals" but this is the exact reason why the majority of the population buys automatics. They are more comfortable and easy for daily driving.

Your IACV seems fine. My car also hangs around 1200 rpms when I'm going in neutral until I go to a complete stop, it drops back to 750.
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