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should i pick this up or not?

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well on july 28th i am installing my stage 2 skunk2 cams and i was wondering should i pick up the skunk2 exhaust cam gear? the shop by my house has one in stock and i think its going for $230 or something....i will also be installin my u think i will make enough power to make it worth it...ive been seein a lot of posts lately both for and agains the cam gear....i would like some input if possible...thanks!
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IF you actually take the time to see if it makes you any power then go for it. You might find that zero degress is the best setting for the motor then you did waste your money but you might also find that -6 degrees makes max power and then it was worth it. It is a crap shoot but I can tell you that you don't really have to do it if you don't want to spend the money.
yea its a lot of money for what 5 or less hp?
yes and no, it just depends on where you are at with your build. If I can pick up 5hp right now on my motor then I would do it. On a motor that you are just putting cams in, I probably wouldn't.
yea i just have bolt-ons, valve train, kpro and yea...ur prob. right....thanks!
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