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Whaaaaat up crsx. I've decided to start a showoff thread. I'm 17 and just started college. I have a small income and putting into it as much as I can. It's been a slow progression. I got this 03 RSX Type S about a year ago and have been lurking on here for a while. Let me get some suggestions on what to do next. Here it is:

Mod List:
Injen SRI
Apexi N1 catback
Replica Aspec Front Lip
Replica Type R Rear Lip
Replica Fogs
Authentic Type R Headlights
8k Hid Kit
Red Out Tails
Tein Basic Coils

Got it bone stock. Can't really tell but front end and rear end were crooked due to a crash. He tried to fix it with wire ties :shakehead

Here's what shes looking like now. I don't have too many progession pictures.


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Yeah everyone tells me I need rims haha. I'm still browsing for rims. I'm not too up on game on wheels so I'm not gonna just buy anything. Right now I'm thinking of some BBS RS
hope you got at least $2k saved up :rain:

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Looks good. Should debadge the rear.
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