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I've never really had any threads to show my car, here's a start and I'll update as things change :thumbsup:


Here’s what the car looked like when I got it a few years ago

A few of my first mods:
DC5 wing

New wheels

Full C-West JDM lip kit

Progress rear sway

Boosted with the JRSC

Track mode

HIN Chicago 2009

Byebye JRSC, Peakboost turbo kit arrived March 2010

June 2010: King Motorsports Dyno Day

Honda Tuning magazine October 2010

July 2010

November 2010

Links to my videos modded Wrx kill King Motorsports 'King of the Dyno 2010' First drive of the car after turbo install Flyby vid NA Dyno vid SC Dyno vid SRT-4 kill

Thread Summary
Page 4 --> JRSC Supercharger uninstalled
Page 4 --> Peakboost turbo kit arrives
Page 4 --> Battery relocation & jumper post install
Page 4 --> Avid engine mounts install
Page 5 --> Remove subframe, tranny, & oil pan
Page 5 --> Wahlbro fuel pump install
Page 5 --> Turbo kit & intercooler install
Page 5 --> King Motorsports Dyno Day: Dyno King 2010
Page 6 --> ARP Extended studs install
Page 8 --> King Motorsports Dyno Day: Dyno King 2011


U like race
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Nice ride. Headlights look unique. What did you use for the headrest?

fail streak captain :/
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llooks good. that first pic had me about to press the back button but then i saw the progression as i scrolled down. nice recovery look good. not a fan of the headlights but you can pull em off
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