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Simple White Honda

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exceeded my bandwidth
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Not feeling the rims but otherwise nicely put together.
very nice. What motor?
What motor?
Everythin is good beside a carpet.. What wheel is that?
lol you still have the tag hanging off the glove compartment
rims are Work RSZ-R

Motor is just a stock ITR
nice :thumbsup:
Nice but but not feeling the "stuff" inside the the Filipino flag, figurine on the dash, etc.
:laughing: @ edit-out of motor

Looks nice though. You're on clubcivic, correct?
get a ctr lip front and rear.....
get a ctr lip front and rear.....
CTR's are hatchbacks, the rears don't line up.
What's wrong w/ the Philippines flag? Air freshner gots to go, but whats wrong w/ the flag. LOL! I think its okay. Also this guy might be really into his religion. Kamusta na PARE!! Clean ride! LOL! :thumbsup:
looks good.. i would make the fogs yellow.
Don't like the background on the first two pics... wack ass graffiti (hope u didn't tag that.. lol)
fresh. love tha wheels
1 - 20 of 85 Posts
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