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Sinister-S's new showoff (IDK 56K)

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Well as some of you know i dont have my base anymore cause i upgraded to an 06 S :thumbsup: not too many mods right now, i have an intake, JDM S badges, BC short shifter, tint, a spec rims, DIY red brake calipers, and some JDM sidemarkers i'm about to put on. I want to get Buddy Club N+ for my next mod so that will take care of my SUV :D Still cant decide on wing or wingless

UPDATE PAGE 2 photoshoot with eclipse and mazda 3 and another update with spoiler, sidemarkers, Type R inserts, racing header



Cant wait to get more mods. I cant stop buying mods and its starting to hurt me a little budget wise :noes:
i will post up pics when i get my next mods! all comments welcome thanks for looking!
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damm sexyyyy i love aspec 02-04 wheels!
Looking good man!! And i shouldn't be talking, but you need to slam it!!!!
thanks for the comments!

Looking good man!! And i shouldn't be talking, but you need to slam it!!!!
yeah i know, on my base i just had some CRSX springs but i wanna get a full coilover system this time so i dont have to worry about my struts as much. But as soon as i get the money, it will be slammed! :thumbsup:
looks great! a drop would look even better!
looks good
thanks :)
wingless for sure :)
thanks for all the comments! :thumbsup:
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sick car bro.. +rep
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lookin good!


wanna sell me your type s rims???
I will think about that actually, if i do you will be the first person i pm! :)
and i'm going to rep you all back that repped me :thumbsup:

Bro, you should have kept the stockies and got a drop first...but nice ride!
looks good. sell me ur deck lid!
will let you know if i get a high wing spoiler and need to sell mine :)
06 represent yeaaaa haha type R wing looks nice for aggressive look but wingless looks clean too... moddin' gets addicting huh.. im in the same boat man!
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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