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****Sir Smoke-A-Lot Meets The Mountian Men: CC *CHAT*

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Old thread is...........well old :dontknow:
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god i love freshman
looking to get a new piece any suggestions for a store online
well no place has the one i want in stock damnit
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i wanted the molino mad scientist
im looking at like 100 to 150

i want a roor 4.2 with the ice indents, but i dont want to spend 400 bucks
hey its not gay if you dont make eye contact
there's a pillow between me & the storm :rotfl:

lucky pillow



sword crossing is a no no

even when the girl wants DP, you better not touch sabres
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weeds was OK last night

Shane had a 3some with those 2 girls

that never happened to me when i was 13 shit

i wanna get a treadmill

need to find one of them bitches cheap
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well i figure instead of sitting while infront of the TV or computer while im not in class, might as well make my fat ass walk

and i got fucked on my Blueberry deal

guy left for school, lost my connect
i was paying 60 an 8th for any special strand he had, kush, ak47, widow, bubblegum, northern lights

he would get new stuff every week so it was a nice variety

farewell to thee o great peddler of pot
well i didnt wanna do it but i just packed up the last of it

THC crystals at the end are the best
looking forward to be traveling at 600mph this time mañana :w00t:
600mph bananas?
oh shit, my friend just got busted in the dorms for smoking a bowl :rotfl: cops showed up and everythin
cops show up for a bowl?

that sucks
R paul/ocho 2008

hes the only one of us thats old as fuck
prop 81!!!!!
a pack of marijuana cigarettes huh

where can i buy me some of those
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