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****Sir Smoke-A-Lot Meets The Mountian Men: CC *CHAT*

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Old thread is...........well old :dontknow:
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heay guyz just got back from vacation is was pretty weak Tropical storm fay like the whole time
but on a side note my mother plant is the size of me lol and is getting ready to bud cant wait...when they say a pot plant outside waits till september to bud there right lol
ohh and im :hi:
where are you growing this thing, just right outside your house?
going to pick up a half of some indica cant wait! ! ! i had to smoke middies the whole time on vacation WITHOUT a bong, i must have smoked 20 joints and its been a long time since i smoked Js all my joints were pregnant lolz
i so cant wait to get rid of the POS rsx and get a evo
ZOMG i just ripped the bong with the mids and got tore the fuck up
bongs FTMFW
yea im getting a nice one with my next paycheck
very wise purchase
buy a roor and see what everyones talking about
the rsx is getting 9:1 pistons, eagle rods and new trans. should make 500 on e85 then im selling it like that for 15gs to some local kid
thats what i want just gotta figure out which roor to get

everyone says they are the best of the best, i wanna see why
let us know and pics

and tell me how much it is...i think i might be coming into some money soon.
lol someone buy my roor plzzz
i just wont spend that much on glass plus i have a ubber awesome tommy chong bong im partial too
ima snap a pic of my 2 plants for u guys the mother is huge im hoping to god shes not male

yo yo heres my babys
im :hi: off the nugs too indica is tasty


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yea im just praying the big one is female she smells SOOO GOOD allready
ill know in the next 15 days according to the interwebs

there like my kids ive watched since birth i hope there females
pretty sure ima buy a Rx7 for rest of summer toy, fix rsx sell it and buy an evo in winter

ohh yea
Tokyo drift here i come lol
i do wanna do armature drift tho
ive found 15 rx7s for 10k or so in good shape, theve finally dropped in price...and i happen to know how to work on rotors ohh yea
and im blitzed
gunna go curse at the POS rsx and work on it
wow im watching this show on spike called real vice cops uncut alls they do is bust kids and shit with pot selling like lbs and shit
and some negreps with there little bit of crack its sad
1 - 20 of 1856 Posts
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