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****Sir Smoke-A-Lot Meets The Mountian Men: CC *CHAT*

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Old thread is...........well old :dontknow:
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look at all those melunz
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many lulz to be had

i foresee some sweet suhail chops
god, it's so friggin hot out.

i had to take another shower after i got home from class.
supposed to get down to 45 here tonight. That's some solid sleeping weather.

waiting on a chron delivery ftl :jigglemad

ayo watching this yanks game man? Fuckin ill pitchers duel going on. Burnett has like 10k's already
WTF 13 strikeouts for Burnett
i wanna get a treadmill

need to find one of them bitches cheap
craigslist man. People practically give that shit away. Most of the time its someone who made a new years resolution to work out, bought equipment, then quit after a month. Usually they just want that shit outta their house so you can get a smokin deal

speakin of smokin....where the fuck is mah doood wiff mah chron
well i figure instead of sitting while infront of the TV or computer while im not in class, might as well make my fat ass walk

and i got fucked on my Blueberry deal

guy left for school, lost my connect
that sucks man.

I lost my uber kick ass connect a while ago but replaced him w/ 3 mediocre connects. My guy that'll be here in 25 mins only gets the super headies but it's pricey and a pain to get.

My other guy is cheap but gets crappy outdoor...really crappy outdoor

Last guy gets so so shit but charges fuckin $60. It's a step above beasters:thumbsdow
how much is the stuff you're picking up tonight?
$60 1/8 but its the cough and worth every penny. Shit is straight up stanky.

I miss the days of $70 1/4s of dank :(
i was paying 60 an 8th for any special strand he had, kush, ak47, widow, bubblegum, northern lights

he would get new stuff every week so it was a nice variety

farewell to thee o great peddler of pot
awwwwwwwwwwwwshiiiiiiiiit :hi: as fuck!
oprah mutha fuckin winfrey
so dig dis here c crew

sent mah neg rep to get some cheebs
dude disappeared for a week.

came back today with muh fuggin dime bags of dirty dirt.

aint' dat a bitch. i shoul d bitch slap a nuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ufnrortunately im' entirely too durnk for that
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ive tried a lot just once

weed and shrooms and blow are my favorites

blow on rare occasions anymore would rather drink and smoke
tonight for the first time in like 6 months. so random but whatever.

i've done a lot but never done crack, meth, crank, H, oxycontin, etxc
looking at an STI for the new car next year
word up man. i'm still tossed btwn that and the volvo S60R or audi S4 4.2
M3 sedan would be win. but it's like triple the amount of the evo...

so, i went to get some lunch with my friend. and we go back to his place to smoke a bowl. and he's like "you ever smoke opium?"

and so we did.

and i am...fucked
hell yeah man. i'd rock an e46 if the mods weren't so damn expensive....well the car too. What kinda opium? Black tar or red rocks?

dude opium is the shit
you guys ever smoked that red rock shit. they used to call it sopium. It tasted the same, fucked you up the same but it was red rocks
LMFAO @ darth fister :rotfl:

so i got a killer batch of butter going in my crock pot right now. Been cookin it for 3 days. Shit's like dark green sludge. Picked up some brownie mix along w/ both peanut butter and chocolate chips to go with it.

The completely retarded all weekend. I am saving a monster brownie for the Jets/Miami game on sunday.

ocho, you're goin down :jigglemad
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1st time a got REALLY drunk I was like 14 & I was alone in my room with a bottle of rum I got from a bar my mother had in the living room. I drank almost the whole bottle.

funny thing is I still usually drink alone :rotfl:
holy shit dude....same for me...only it was Vodka and I only drank like 4 shots and was fuckin trashed. :thumbsup:

p.s was that vid the talkin heads?? LOL
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giants and redskins i think

Should be a decent game. I'm lookin forward to Jets/Miami on sunday. they fuckin better air that shit instead of the stupid ****** ass Pats game.

I'd love just once to see the Jets in first place and have the pats fans all whine that their team sucks and the games are never televised. I think all fans of a "dynasty" team should experience being a jets fan for a season. Its' quite humbling
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but seriously

its all about the water and how you time your last drink until the time you fall asleep

have your last drink about an hour before you hit the sack and you are going to feel 20 times better in the morning, and drink atleast 3 cups of water in that last hour, enough to make you piss atleast 2 more times and you are golden (not shower)

and do not drink cheap liquor, for the love of god worst hangovers you ever get are from cheap liquor
dude when you're pushing 30yrs old, anything gives you a hangover:thumbsdow
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the more you drink, the more you know how to carry yourself and the more you know what to expect

its like if you can remember the first time you got drunk

I drank a 40 of Colt 45 double malt

i was sitting in a chair flopping my head from side to side laughing my ass off cause it was such a cool feeling

do i do that now?, well yes, but its usually not because I am drunk :shady:
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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I am soooo looking forward to Sundays game. I swear I'll stab my boy Pete in the eye with a dull No.2 pencil if he starts up with his Jets shit.

We'll see how "decent" my team is, but I can guarantee you that it'll be way better than last years joke.

Parcell & Co. have begun instilling a winning attitude from day one. Cam Cameron was a fucking bimbo!
JETS JETS JETS :finger: You're fucked! Pennington is washed up.

so ive never made/ate special brownies gimmie a rundown how much to how much pot, effects, differences, wait time till high from consumption etc

I just drained my butter and it's cooling in the fridge:thumbsup: In a nutshell, do this....

Buy a 1/4 to 1/2 of shwag
put 2 sticks of butter in a crock pot on low/warm
let that shit melt, de-seed shwag if necessary. (i lucked out this seeds:thumbsup:)
throw the herb in the butter and cover it. MAKE SURE IT'S ON LOW!
stir every couple hours and let the butter cook for AT LEAST 24hrs. I usually cook it for 3 days
use a coffee filter to drain the herb outta the butter

Substitute the oil or butter in whatever brownie/cookie mix you're using with green butter

eat, wait an hour..>BAM...stoned as fuk:thumbsup:
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