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****Sir Smoke-A-Lot Meets The Mountian Men: CC *CHAT*

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Old thread is...........well old :dontknow:
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I'm sure it's hard to find those cock shaped pieces with the balls as the bowl.......
anyone work with microsoft publisher? i hate this program.
fkiinnnn blazeddddd and drunk.. i oovee bluints
same same... actually i am just waiting around for some bomb chronic and then going to purchase a quarter. just gotta check out what flagstaff has to offer
oh shit, my friend just got busted in the dorms for smoking a bowl :rotfl: cops showed up and everythin
hahah i am putting ocho's name on the ballot, fuck these guys who are running right now
so i just ordered a flat black type-r lip & skunk2 lca's :giggity:

my oem lip is almost at near death
ocho will get deported as well :rotfl:
1 - 20 of 1856 Posts
Not open for further replies.