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****Sir Smoke-A-Lot Meets The Mountian Men: CC *CHAT*

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Old thread is...........well old :dontknow:
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just saw that shit in leasing lol


can't see face but dsl's ftw
back from ban

FUCK the mods


you going to ban me for saying you're all a bunch of cunts
btw fuck crsx

subscriptions are still fucked up plus I can't change my avy...bunch of fucking idiots :firemad::firemad::firemad:
relax. they are still working on it.

either my crsx subscriptions save, or my clubep3

considering the only thread i read on ep3 is the ccrew thread i guess i'll live with my crsx subscriptions and just bookmark this thread


crsx making my internet hell
this should fix subscription issues.

if that doesn't work, just click on thread tools and subscriptions
im guessing 3 to 6 Ozs between the 2 of super good pot
super cropping. something to think about for the next harvest.
check out this guy's youtube page. he's got tons of informational vids on supercropping/pinching
you guys ever feel just generally unhappy for no apparent reason somedays ??
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where was it posted/deleted?
in avy problems thread...I don't care about that to be honest gestapo will be gestapo no sense fighting that I'll just cancel my premy since I'm paying pretty much for nothing. avys, subs don't work correctly yet they worry about deleting my posts :shakehead
:dontknow: i didn't see any posts deleted in autonbp's avi thread.

sucks you feel that way but updates/working out problems don't happen overnight.

your avi better be worth all your complaining :D
you guys are here for one thread. it's not like you gotta go through 10 pages of new posts here on cep3. lol
ok. i'm out cc. gonna grab lunch then of to play the 360.
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good i hope they finish in last behind the jets and dolphins. I hate the pats and their ****** fans. Same fuckheads that root for Boston, yet cant even name more than 1 player (papi)
someone make new thread
1 - 18 of 1856 Posts
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