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Mmm, 3rd lobe...
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After contemplating it for a while I finally cracked after playing piano on my FM preset buttons all the way home from work Friday. Saturday I bought a Starmate 3 receiver, gf bought a Starmate 4.

Of course we had to get it setup in her '08 Civic before worrying about me. Everything went great on her car, myself not so much...

So my question is, for those who are using portable receivers, where are you placing your antennas? I'd like to keep it in a spot where its easy to remove again so I can move it between cars, but not set on that, I'll just buy another antenna if I have to.

Right now I have it sitting on top of the dash by the climate controls and it works fine (MUCH better than my buddies old little rectangular antenna), but of course it slides around.

Anyways, just looking for ideas.
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