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Skunk2 70mm throttle body

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So I recently bought a skunk2 ultra street manifold and a 70mm throttle body for my base Rsx, it’s a 2005, the stock throttle body had 2 coolant lines and the skunk2 only has 1, what do I do for the line that’s just gonna be there? Can I just cap it off?
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You don’t need the lines connected, it circulates coolant through the TB to help warm up the engine.
You Guy's don't think that this setup is way overkill for a base? I'm seeing more and more people wanting to breath on a base. It simply is very difficult/ as in expensive to get much out of them. This is the reality?
It 100% is and he will lose power everywhere without supporting mods and a tune. He already bought the parts though, might as well answer his question 🤷‍♂️ lol
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Agreed. I still think an invidia exhaust is over kill? There 70mm also, not so much made for the base? Your the dude when it comes to this. Doesn't mean I must agree. Unfortuantly putting compression injection as in a turbo or supercharger is the only way to make these respectable. They will never be quick or even fast compaired to a Type S. Those are drying up, So are the bases for that matter. Depressing I know. I'm a purist all N/A up in here.
It is, but I don't think the OP has indicated that he has any interest in an Invidia exhaust.
There's nothing wrong with a base model, but to say it will never be quick or fast is incorrect. It makes the same amount of torque, but comes in 2000 rpms earlier. That extra horsepower that the type s produces only makes a difference at the top end. Gearing is what really closes the gap, and a 6 speed swap is the absolute best upgrade for a base model.
I can see that? A 4.7 final gear would probably help also. I have a bit of drag racing experiance with an older camaro. Weight and torque and proper gearing surely factor in. You should start recomending this mod. Those trannys can be had for around a grand and the gear is still out there for less than two bills mostly. How hard is it to do that swap? What is all involved. You should expand on this, cuz I sure don't know! I've heard of turbo guy's wanting the 5 speed? To each his own as to point A-to-B. Perhaps I should be not so critical of the base. Torque is what gets a car up and moving having it lower in the powerband is advantagous. My spell check not only tries to correct me but everybody else's also. What is up with this? Am I the only one whose a little off due to daylights savings time? IDK
Nah, if this dude wants to do a swap, he is welcome to use the search function. There's multiple threads about the swap and they also include part numbers. At any rate, the OP hasn't logged in since he posted his question. Maybe he's a spammer 🤷‍♂️
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