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I was contacted by a client to apply 22PLE to their Ferrari F430. Initial inspection provided me with a chance to explain that full correction was needed. The owner agreed and I began the process.

I began with the wheels and tires. Using various brushes, some sonax Full Effect, Tuff Shine Tire cleaner, and some grunt work I got them cleaned up perfectly.

I moved on to stripping and cleaning the paint. It got a foam bath using a mixture of Citrus wash and clear and Dawn.

After drying, with a Waffle Weave MF drying towel and my CG blower, I was able to move on to inspecting the paint.

I did a test spot to ensure I acheived the correction rate we were going for. I found that my Rupes LHR15 coupled with a Microfiber pad and some M105 was perfect for removing the defects. I followed that up with a white Rupes pad and some Sonax Perfect Finish. There were just a couple deeper scratches throughout the paint that I felt were too deep to go after. I would never want to risk clear so I decided to leave them. I then explained to the owner and he totally understood, and appreciated the fact that I wouldn't push too far.

The Carbon Fiber door sills were hammered from shoes getting in and out.

These corrected out very nice using a 3" MF pad and some 105, followed up with Sonax perfect finish.

After correction and polishing they looked good as new.

Now that all the correction work and polishing work was done I needed to remove the dust that was created, so the car needed another bath to get the oils off the paint.

I then moved on to the engine bay. After a complete IPA wipe down, I wanted to get the exhaust polished out. I attempted to correct the exhaust by hand, but it was not enough. I broke out the 3" polisher and using Optimum Metal polish brought it back to its original luster.

Here on the intake with the right side you can see the darkening effect of 22ple.

On the back panel you can see really see the effect 22PLE has.

Overall the engine bay came out really nice.

After a complete IPA wipe down I applied 22PLE Pro Signature Glass Coat. I grabbed mine from the fridge. Yes the fridge, it stays better in the fridge!

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