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ive been on here for awhile and never made one so here it goes. its been a long progress since i font make a lot of money so im taking it slowly for right and my car hasnt been running since last october due to my motor dropping a valve so i decided to do go all out tuck and shave the bay.

full type r lip kit front was the only one that wasnt real

i broke the painted lip on the freeway so i got another one which didnt last long this one broke at the track

the beginning of my build when i found out that motor took a shit

this was the day after i pulled the motor ive been doing all this work with this much room

then got buddy clubs for a price i couldnt pass up

this is a pic of what it corrently looks like

ill update as i go on i just started on the wiring and ill post more pics of what it use to look like and i have 05-06 front and rear bumpers already painted
all comments welcome:thumbsup:

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After a few years I decided to start over and pick up a pwp 05 type s with 84k

H emblems front and rear
Sti vlip
Jdm tail lights
EBay fog lights (came with the car)
Retro solutions 55w 6k

Dc5-r red recaro seats
Dc5-r rear seats
Nrg short hub wick release
Deep dish steering wheel

Racelands for now
F7 lca
Progress rear sway bar

All stock

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