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So pissed at the dealership

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A few months after buying the car I noticed that the passenger door weatherstripping was kind of messed up. Not smooth and flush like the Driver's door. So I take it in and they remove it and reattach it. Still looks like shit but I was too busy to bring it back.

Fast forward to now. I decide to bring the car in and make an appointment for a rattle in the dash behind the gauge cluster and to have the weatherstripping replaced.

I drop it off and 4 hours later they call me stating they have to remove the windshield to apply a sound deadening material per a TSB. I was tempted to tell them no but figured since it was the dealership, things would be ok.

They ask me to pick up the car the next day. So I arrive and start checking out the car when I open the passenger side door. And the weather stripping is literally hanging there off of the door. I call the service tech to come over and her eyes bulge out and she quickly grabs the keys and takes the car back to the shop area. They said they would like to have the car another day. Ok, whatever.

So the next day they tell me its ready and I pick it up over lunch. Door trim looks fine and I don't even think about checking the windshield. I drive all the way back to work. I get out and start looking the car over. I notice that the trim piece that is along the edge of the windshield on both sides is much higher on the passenger side. I touch it to find it completely loose and not even attached. So I call the service tech to advise him i'm on my way back so they can fix this now.

I arrive and he asks me to wait because the glass guy is still there and he can fix it real quick. So 45 min. later they tell me its ready. I check it out and it appears attached and so I'm glad everything is back to normal.

I drive back to work and realize that the rattle that this TSB was to fix, is now worse. Obviously at this piont I rather have my car back and figure I'll bring it back for the rattle some other day.

Fast forward to Monday night. I wash the car for the first time since getting it back (about a week) and as I do, I notice that on that same trim molding, it is still higher then the painted a-pillar which is not how the trim is on the driver's side and on top of that, its not even attached about 6" down from the top. I can completely lift the trim piece away from the windshield again. It would appear the plastic bracket is broken and the bracket that the trim piece would attach to is held in place by black glue. WTF???

I also notice that on the a-pillar right where they worked to get trim piece in place there is a discoloration in the paint that was not there prior to me taking the car in. Its like an oily discoloration in the paint (car is black) but it will not come off. Its almost like they got some sort of chemical on it.

So the car goes back next Tuesday and I'm letting them know if its not done right, I'm taking it to a glass shop and sending them the bill, or contacting an attorney. Haven't decided yet.

Cliffs: Dealerships suck. :firemad:
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Your reservations about letting them touch the window were correct. I would have NEVER let them remove the window.

The trim pieces on the sides are indeed held on with clips that probably broke when the trim pieces were removed to get the window out. It should be a no brainer that at an Acura dealer they would have (or order) replacement clips to put on there. I'm not suprised that they (or maybe rather the glass guy) half assed it when putting it back together.

This is why I have one glass guy that I will drive 45min to go to over anyone else. He actually gives a shit.

Hopefully you are able to restore the paint in that area. They shouldn't have used anything very corrosive to reinstall the window, so its possible its just a little bit of eurethane stuck to the surface.

Nail them to the wall on this.
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