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What's up everyone!
Sorry for the short notice on this one, but my friend's up & coming company, RTG Motorsports, is having a little Car Meet TOMORROW April, 14, 2013 here in San Diego!
There will also be a small BBQ in celebration of the anniversary of our skate crew we started back in highschool called Kankmob!
Most of us have turned from skater kid into car enthusiasts over the years, which explains the combination of events HAHA!
But we'd like to invite everyone to join us to a good day & ALL CARS ARE WELCOME!
Below is a small flyer we put together with some info & hopefully we can have a wide variety of cars & people show up!
Come out, check out cars, meet new people, make new friends!
See you guys there! Should be a good time regardless!

When: April 14, 2013
Where: Hilltop Park in San Diego, CA (9711 Oviedo Way San Diego, CA 92129)
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