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-Ep3 Superchagrer SOLD
-Roughly 2500-5000 Miles
-Supercharger has fresh oil in it, and hasn't been driven on since.
-New Gaskets, I have another gasket that is still in its package that goes between the manifold and supercharger that I will also include.
-Comes with all bolts for installation.
-Also comes with 2 new belts.
-Brando Auto Tensioner pulley to mount this onto k20a2 (water pump swap will also be required, or grinding down of water pump for clearance) to help with belt slippage
-Map sensor Denso 079800-5410 5v PS-4A Japan
-2 pulleys,one street, one race
-Throttle Body Inlet was port matched to 70mm
-Is super clean , all fittings were soaked in simple green. There is no grease or grime anywhere.
-Also comes with brand new stainless allen head mounting bolts.
-Buyer is responsible for fitment.
-WILL ship with insurance on item

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