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For sale is my 2005 Satin Silver Metallic RSX Type S. I am the 3rd owner of the car (technically the 2nd owner; the original owner was older gentlemen and after he passed his son assumed ownership the car. He sold it to me after it sat in his garage for a month) I bought it in February 2013 with 15,000 miles. Vehicle is originally a Florida car and I drove it sparingly for 1 winter (only when it was nice out). Car is garage kept and never been smoked in. Paint is in great shape for its age, zero rust. Car has just under 54,000 miles on it now and that won’t go up. Majority of miles I put on were highway. I have a complete maintenance history for the vehicle with all receipts including the window sticker and original bill of sale. Have a clean title in hand. Selling because I just bought a bigger car with 4 doors and can’t keep both :(. Car is located in the northern suburbs of Chicago approximately 15 miles northeast of O’hare Airport. I can provide a vehicle history report. PM if interested.

Car is mostly stock (no mods to the engine, suspension, or exhaust whatsoever). Few modifications to the car I installed (mostly OEM stuff the car didn’t come with) are as follows:
-OEM A-spec front lip I bought new from Delray Acura; it was MM and I had it repainted.
-OEM A-spec rear lip I bought new from Delray Acura; was originally PWP and had it repainted.
-OEM fog lights I bought new from Delray Acura.
-02-04 tail light rewired. OEM wiring was not cut/spliced. Mod is completely reversible and I can include the OEM light sockets and bulbs in the sale to revert to the OEM 05-06 lighting scheme.
-OEM wheel locks.
-OEM sun shade.
-35% tint all around using 3M film.
-I have the OEM front plate mount with hardware as well that I will include.

- 07-08 OEM TL switchblade key with MDX faceplate that deletes the trunk key. Car memory can have at most 3 remotes saved so I have this one plus the two original remotes programmed to the car
-Heated seats using OEM CDM heated seat switch panel. Seat heaters are check corporation brand single level on/off. The driver’s side is both the lower back rest and seat cushion. The passenger side seat has only the seat cushion so the OPDS (Occupant Position Detection System) system would not be altered. There was no splicing done with the factory wiring on these. Seat heaters are hooked up using the fuse taps called add-a-fuse under the dash. I can include the OEM faceplate for the 12V outlet under the radio without the cutout for the seat heater buttons.
-OEM front rubber floor mats.
-OEM trunk liner.
-Strut King Pedal Covers. Can include OEM rubber covers for the brake and clutch pedals.
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