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Enjoy :thumbsup:
New pics pg.8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16

Buddy Club hood
Aspec front lip
Aspec side lip
Mugen rep rear lip
JDM window visors
05-07 JDM tail lights
17x8+35 Desmond Regamasters
Tires 225/45/17
Project Kicks lugs Revo version
02-04 Taillight rewire
Apollo shroud retrofit headlights
Vis Type R front lip
iS front H badge
iS rear H badge
eBay fogs
Aspec wing
05-07 Subaru V lip

Black Interior conversion
05-06 Base cloth front seats
JDM black door panels
JDM rear seats
JDM shift boot
JDM e-brake
Pioneer AVIC D3
Boomarang Black arm rest
Integra door sills
Naridi 330m deep corn wheel
NRG short hub
NRG V2 quick release
Spoon Sports 6spd Duracon shift knob
Spoon blue wide rear view mirror
Pspec short shifter
Ktuned billet shifter arm
White Pearl Mugen Rear View Mirror Cover
JDM black Recaros
Broadway mirror
FD2 Type R shift knob

JDM polished valve cover
Injen CAI
Spoon Sports Gen 1 full catback
Spoon Sports 4-2 header (pending install)
Spoon Sports 2-1 header (pending install)
Spoon Sports Radiator Cap
Hondata IMG
JDM red valve cover
Fujitsubo Powergetter

FF2 coilovers
SPC rear camber kit
Spoon Sports front strut bar
Spoon Sports rear strut bar
Spoon Sports lower rear tie bar
Drilled and slotted rotors
Cusco B pillar bars

How she currently sits

When i first got her

first thing i did was remove this wing... didnt care for it

My First Mods were FF2 coilovers and Desmond Regamasters, Projecte kick lugs Reve versions

Picked up some Vis type R front, aspec sides, aspec rear, Buddy Club hood, ebay clear fogs and Recaros

Then i took off the BC hood for a little, picked up an aspec wing, Fujitsubo Powergetter, some jdm badges and jdm tail lights

swapped trunks with my boy ronniek20 this weekend and did the wiper delete


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:giggity::love::thumbsup:dam eric u baller lol...looking forward for the progress man keep up the good work
thanks man im gonna try


<3 them RM Evos
they are acutally Desmond Marquise Promodas with RegaMaster Evo Sickers lol but pretty much the same wheel

Just got it and already looking clean :pimp
thanks bro, its gonna be like this for a while so i had to go big from the start lol

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Looks good.

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Nice and clean

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