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Anyone interested in having their car detailed?
I can restore nasty headlights that buffing and polishing can't take out.
As well as restore faded paint, wash, wax and claybar for the lazy people out there.

Prices: (for cars, truck pricing varies)

-Wash $12 (Wash, "Armor All" interior, vacuum, tire shine)
-Claybar $50 *Includes wash
-Wax $40 *Includes wash
-Wash/Claybar/Wax Special $75

Headlight Restoration
-Minor restoration (Headlight Buffing) $10 a light
-Major Restoration (Wetsanding) $25-50 a light (Price depends on severity)

For pricing and quotes contact me at 9542926827 :thumbsup:
I can also come to you if you're in the North Broward region
Vouches can be provided

My computer hard-drive crashed recently, so I don't have much pictures of my previous work. But here's a recent job I did.


Paint Restoration (Left side restored, Right side untouched)
Can you please tell what the purpose of clay bar is,& how you apply it?

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